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Is a TOEFL Score Required for admission? 

A TOEFL score is preferred but can be waived at the discretion of the  International Program Director. For the TOEFL score to be waived the  student must show strong English ability during their interview and have  a school resume which shows academic proficiency.

What is the language requirement? 

Grade Level iTEP SLATE
Score Range TOEFL iBT
Score Range TOEFL Jr.

Score Range   

Grades 7 – 8: 3.0-3.9, 38-51, 675-730

Grades 9 – 10: 4.0-4.9. 52-74, 745-835

Grade 11: 5.0-6.0, 75-97, 850-900

Students who do not meet the minimum  requirements for their grade level based on scores and/or transcripts  may need to enter school at the grade level indicated by their test  score and/or enter remedial classes designed for International English  support.    

What is the average SAT and ACT score for the school?

SAT Critical Reading – 653
SAT Mathematics – 660
SAT Writing – 634
SAT Composite Average – 627
ACT Composite Average – 29.6

Where do your graduates go to college?

Some of the best Universities and colleges in America that have  accepted our graduating students include University of Southern  California, St Leo University, University of Southern Florida, Johnson  & Wales University, College of Central Florida, Florida State  University, College of Charleston -South Carolina, and University of St  Petersburg.

Do you have an ESL program?

No. Our program is designed for English immersion in the standard  classroom. Based on TOEFL / SLEP  scores and previous school transcripts  they are placed in the appropriate remedial English classes or standard  classes. Refer to Language Requirement chart above.

Our goal is to help students learn the English necessary to succeed  in standard classes while protecting their GPA.  A students GPA, ACT and  TOEFL scores are crucial to college acceptance and our remedial English  program is designed to help them achieve college acceptance either in  the USA or their home country.

ESL classes are available for an outside source – please check with admissions for details.

How do I register?

Contact the International Program Director, Mrs.Lori-Kim Merrigan directly to receive admissions help at 727-547-6820 or by email at

Once you complete the admissions paperwork according to the  instructions, Mrs. Merrigan contact you within 48 hours of receiving  your admissions packet to discuss your enrollment options.



Total Enrollment, Classes Offered and Age Limits

Total Enrollment, Classes Offered and Age Limits

Total Enrollment, Classes Offered and Age Limits


Extracurricular Activities

Total Enrollment, Classes Offered and Age Limits

Total Enrollment, Classes Offered and Age Limits