At Classical Christian School for the Arts, our teachers provide instruction in all subjects from a Christian world-view, integrating biblical, historical and artistic relevancy to the modern world. Daily Bible classes and weekly chapels are a regular part of the school program.

Beginning in the early grades, a strong academic program supported by experiences in the fine arts and age appropriate sports, leads the way to exploring all subjects in depth.

Middle School students attend classes in Math, Science, Social Studies, Literature, Grammar, English Composition and Latin.

At the High School level, courses are offered in the traditional classroom setting, as well as online. We offer AP courses, along with dual enrollment through St Petersburg College for Juniors and Seniors.

At all grade levels, our administration and staff seek to address the unique spiritual, academic, artistic, physical and social needs of each student by providing a nurturing environment that integrates biblical principles in daily living and encourages a commitment to personal growth.




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