Total Enrollment, Age Limits and Classes Offered



What are the grades offered by the school?

Kindergarten – Grade 12.  However, due to state graduation  requirements we do not accept students as a senior (12th); the highest  acceptance level is a junior (11th). 

Whom do not meet the minimum  requirements for their grade level based on scores and/or transcripts  may need to enter school at the grade level indicated by their test  score and/or enter remedial classes designed for International English  support.    

What is the age limit to enroll?

Grade Level - Maximum Age - Minimum Age   

7th: 14 years old - 12 years old   

8th: 15 years old - 13 years old  

9th: 16 years old - 14 years old   

10th: 17 years old - 15 years old   

11th: 18 years old - 16 years old   

12th: 19 years old - 17 years old    

How many international students are currently enrolled in your school?

We currently have 17 full time international students enrolled in the  school. They represent the countries of China, Korea, Russia, and  Vietnam. We have an additional 14 students from Thailand attending for a  5 month semester.

How many total students in the campus?

205 students from K-12th grade with 115 in junior high and high school

How many AP and honor classes does the school have?

CCSA offers over online AP classes. Because many of these classes  have academic prerequisites, students typically do not start their first  year in Honors classes.  However, after the first year, students who  show academic excellence are evaluated and may have the opportunity to  transfer into Honors classes.

How do I register?

Contact the International Program Director, Mrs.Lori-Kim Merrigan directly to receive admissions help at 727-547-6820 or by email at

Once you complete the admissions paperwork according to the  instructions, Mrs. Merrigan contact you within 48 hours of receiving  your admissions packet to discuss your enrollment options.


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