For Visitors 

Parents and other interested citizens are encouraged to visit the school to observe the progress of the students.

ALL VISITORS NEED A VISITORS PASS, PLEASE STOP IN THE OFFICE. Unless reporting for a scheduled conference during school hours, a  parent or citizen shall first report to the office of the school for  permission to visit a class. The policy is intended
to prevent interruption of classroom procedures by a parent at the  expense of the children in the classroom; it is not intended to prevent a  parent from visiting a classroom for observation
purposes. It is suggested that parents consult the teacherin advance to  learn the best time to observe a particular type of work.

All visitors MUST sign in at the front office.


School Hours and Regulations


School is in session from 8:00AM - 3:00PM Monday through Friday.  Students should arrive no later than 7:55 am to ensure classes begin on time.  Students must be picked up promptly at 3:00pm.Students who are not picked up by 3:15PM will be escorted to aftercare and will be charged according to the current After Care fees.  CCSA does not provide childcare during the hours of 8:00AM-3:00PM.  CCSA does not assume responsibility for students dropped off before 7:30am or not picked up by 3:15pm 

Drop Off is at the rear of the school. The Performing Arts Center is undergoing construction so there is only one lane. If you see a back up of cars occurring, please park in the "horse-shoe" are just to the right as you enter the school driveway. Another option is to drop your student and continue straight through to the back parking lot and exit on to 49th Street.

Pick Up  Students in Grades K-5 must be picked up in their classroom by a parent or guardian. Please park in the horse shoe area. You will be able to enter through the side door by Grade 1 or the rear door. Do not park in the rear of the building. If, at any point in the day, you need to park in the front, please use a parking space!!! Do NOT park in front of the school doors. Students in Grades 6-12 should exit the building and go directly to their waiting ride! We suggest that parents of middle and high school students park in the large lot behind the Performing Arts Center and your student can walk to meet you. If you have scheduled your child(ren) to be picked up by an organization such as PAL or Boys & Girls Club, Mr Hammer will need that information. His email: ccsaknights@gmail.com

TARDINESS   Parents understand the importance of arriving at school early in order to avoid class disturbances. However, if the tardiness is unavoidable, the parent must present a note upon arrival at school, accompanying the student to the school office. Legitimate excuses for tardiness include transportation problems, notice of a family death, broken down car, etc. Unexcused tardiness includes being up late the night before, oversleeping, and a lack of cooperation on the child's behalf. All unexcused tardy students receive an F in Bible for the day. Bible ( 8-8:30 ) is a graded class.  For High School students, this will be reflected in a lower GPA. 3 unexcused tardy days = 1 unexcused absence. After 5 unexcused tardy days,  after school detention will be assigned. 

EARLY DISMISSAL  From time to time students will have Dr's appt's or unavoidable reasons for early dismissal. Please remember that elective classes are part of the school day. The school day does not end until 3:00pm so we ask that you not make a habit of picking up early. 

VOLUNTEER HOURS  Each family is required to complete 20 volunteer hours over the course of the school year. I have attached a form that MUST be submitted prior to the first day of school. I would suggest bringing it with you to Open House next Thursday. If you prefer not to volunteer, you can check that box on the attached form and pay the $500 non-volunteer fee. 

 UNIFORMS    If a student arrives for school out of uniform they will be sent home and you will need to pick them up. As this will probably be a major inconvenience for you, please ensure they are properly dressed! PE/Sports uniforms allowed only on the days the student has those classes. Refer to pages 15-16 in Handbook for questions regarding correct school uniforms. Socks must be solid red, white or navy. Shoes must be closed toed. Sweatshirts and sweaters must be a solid red, white or navy. SOLID color only. During an especially cold period the children may want a heavier "winter" coat for recess. Any color is allowed, however, it is to be worn outside of the school only. If a student arrives for school improperly dressed and can not be picked up, they will have an in-school suspension day and receive a 0 (zero) on all work for the day. Including any quiz or test. Team sports uniforms may be worn ONLY ON THE DAY OF A GAME.


 BOYS:  Boys must wear traditional haircuts. Boys must be  clean-shaven daily with no facial hair. Earrings and tattoos are prohibited.   

  GIRLS:  Girls in grades 7 and up may use moderate makeup. Tattoos are prohibited. Hair color should be a natural color. Nail color should be a basic color such as a light pink or natural. They should not be sparkly, gold, blue, etc!


 All medicine brought to school should be clearly labeled with the students name and left in the front office. Students should NEVER have any kind of medicine in their backpacks, including cold medicine. Students are expected to provide their own personal items such as "itchy cream", cough drops, and feminine products.

Cell phones, I-pods, Mp3s, headphones, pagers, radios, tape or CD players, electronic toys and such items are not permitted during school hours. If students bring such items to school, they should leave them in the front office and pick them up at 3pm. ALL cell phones must be turned off by 7:55am and should not be turned on again until the student has exited the building after 3:00pm. If students do not adhere to the above policy and are found with the devices, they will be confiscated and taken to the school office. The parents will need to pick up the items after school. First time is a warning, second time is a $10 fine, third time....not so good!! Students who carry cell phones at the parents' request should leave them at the school office for the duration of school hours, as well. It is OK for a student to leave their cell phone locked in their school locker but they should never turn it on during school hours.

*DATING*  We discourage students from dating within the student body, however, we understand it may happen so here are the guidelines: On school grounds and at school events, there should be NO PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION. This includes hugging, holding hands, sitting extra close, etc. 

PIZZA  Every Friday is Pizza Day! $1.00 per slice. You may pay in advance for the whole year at a discounted rate. $30 for 1 slice , $60 for 2 slices. The discounted price is only in effect until Thursday, Aug 16th. We strongly suggest you pay for at least 1 month at a time - for instance: $8.00 covers 2 slices for 4 weeks. ALL money for pizza must be submitted to the students homeroom teacher no later than the Thursday of each week. You can pay with credit card at the website or check/cash in the school office.

ELECTIVES General Sports is held off campus at the Boys & Girls Club. All students must have a signed consent form before attending that class. Forms will be available at Open House, Aug 9th 10-4pm

Dance classes - students should dance in appropriate attire (no cropped shirts, etc). After class, they will be given 5 minutes to change back in to their uniform before leaving campus. If a student does not follow these rules, it will be dealt with as if they came to school in the wrong uniform and will receive ZERO's for the day.

More Handbooks for Parents

ParentVolunteer18-19 (pdf)


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