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For Visitors 

Parents and other interested citizens are encouraged to visit the school to observe the progress of the students.

ALL VISITORS NEED A VISITORS PASS, PLEASE STOP IN THE OFFICE. Unless reporting for a scheduled conference during school hours, a  parent or citizen shall first report to the office of the school for  permission to visit a class. The policy is intended
to prevent interruption of classroom procedures by a parent at the  expense of the children in the classroom; it is not intended to prevent a  parent from visiting a classroom for observation
purposes. It is suggested that parents consult the teacherin advance to  learn the best time to observe a particular type of work.

All visitors MUST sign in at the front office.



It is important that you have an understanding of our policies and procedures, rules, times, dress code, etc.. Please download the Parent-Student Handbook below and read. All of your questions will be answered right here! What to know what kind of school we are? Just one click away!

RESOURCES: keep track of your child's grades & bEHAVIOR

Renweb Parent Directions (pdf)